Village of the Children Orphanage - Cachora, Peru

High in the Andes mountains of Peru, near the village of Cachora, stands Pueblo de los Niños. It is a Christian ministry built to care for orphaned children – precious little ones who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. 

Too many children in Peru are at risk because of extreme poverty, alcoholism, violence, AIDS, and other factors where their parents are either dead or unable to care for them. The vision of Pueblo de los Niños is to provide a stable, loving, home for these children so that they have hope and a chance to reach their true potential. We take seriously God’s command to care for the vulnerable and the needy. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help! 
Would you consider sponsoring a child or becoming a partner? Maybe you would like to go on a short term mission trip. There are many ways you can help that will make an eternal difference in the life of an orphaned child. Ask us how you can become a part of this ministry. 

Pueble de los Niños, which means “Children’s Village,” occupies ten acres outside of Cachora. It currently consists of four buildings which will each house approximately ten children and a set of house parents. The master plans is to eventually have ten houses, an administrative building, a kindergarten, and a chapel. Each house is set up to operate like a family, with its own kitchen, dining, and living areas. There are some communal areas, such as laundry and recreational facilities, that will be shared by all the houses. The children will go to school in the nearby village of Cachora. 

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